TEDxAustin Robyn O’Brien 2011

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  1. Duc May 21, 2012 at 10:07 am #

    Hi!, As a co-worker in Worcester MA with your daughter-in-law, Lisa, I have wahetcd her become healthier and happier over the years, due to diet and love. Recently, I have been diagnoses with Type 2 diabetes and Cardiac illness, due to my diet and excessive weight. Due to many traumatic events over the span of 3 years, I have accumulated over 70 extra pounds and had become almost hopeless in ever becoming healthy again. After my diagnoses, I became determined to be healthy, eat well, and heal my body from the inside out. My son deserves a mother who is healthy and there for him, and I deserve to survive! Lisa has been an amazing confidante, and was quick to forward me to your blog, and many other resources. I have just begun eliminating foods from my diet, and although I am not 80-20 yet, I am on my way! Lisa and I were just talking about how confusing it can be at first, but after reading this blog tonight, I have more insight,and feel confident that within a couple of weeks, I will be within the 80-20 range, and feeling a whole lot better.I appreciate you blog and look forward to reading you book. Thank you for enligtening me on a healthier way to eat, and live. And give Lisa a big hug when you see her. She is a walking billboard to what whole plant living and diet can do.

  2. Kapil July 22, 2012 at 8:51 am #

    GREAT POST JIM!!! I was worried that I did not see your post early this monrnig. Thought something might have happened. I’ve viewed the video the other day and agree that Mr. Mackey is doing a wonderful thing for the employees of Whole Foods. Thanks for a really great post today!! With Easter and Passover coming this weekend we will all be challenged to stay true to our whole plant lifestyle. Going to my brother-in-laws in Pittsburgh. He at least has asked what I will eat. The sad part will be having to watch all my relatives eat the traditional foods that are making them ill and over weight. I’m determined to eat at the 3 leaf level! Happy holiday to you and everyone reading your blog today!! / Les

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