Average Joe on the Raw

Reposted from Russell James, The Raw Chef:

It’s my absolute pleasure to introduce you to Average Joe aka Seth Hayhurst.

I’ve been blessed to have been involved in this project that sees Seth go raw for 60 days, with my help as his raw food instructor.

I’ve been working with the whole team on this project for many months now after the idea was conceptualized in a conversation in my apartment, growing beyond what any of us could expect.

You and I know that when someone starts to eat raw, magic happens…

The thing that I love about this project is that Seth appeared to be a healthy guy, until he got tested to find that even at the age of 30, serious issues were about to start to hit. But this film is so much more than about food choices and getting healthy.

You and I know that when someone starts to eat raw, magic happens…and this is what you’re going to get in this film – pure magic, ups and downs, and inspiration by the bucketload.


At 30 years old, I looked in the mirror and saw complacency. I saw a man settling into normalcy, settling into being average. At first glance, my initial thought was to just accept it.
“it’s just part of the process, just part of aging and life. Get over it.”
So, at a crossroads in my life, I could just fall in line with the rest of the people on the assembly line of commonplace. Just waiting in line to see which disease will be handed to me, and which medications modern medicine will enslave me to………
I could take the path less traveled. I could make a push at my limitless potential. I could try to reset my intelligently designed body to heal itself! That is crazy enough, it just might work!

So, this is my 60 day journey into finding my limitless me. What kind of an effect can eating raw, clean foods and working out consistently have on my mental, physical, medical, emotional, spiritual, and relational life?

We will see as I am an AVERAGE JOE ON THE RAW!


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  1. Jerold Poole May 13, 2013 at 3:49 am #

    You are cute, I’ve been vegan and *mostly* raw for more than 2 years, but it depends on the day.

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