Genetically Modified Foods

This Fox News report finally questions the safety of GMOs, mentioning specifically the potential health consequences of increased chemical use as GM crops become increasingly pesticide resistant. Farmers are using more chemicals and more concentrated chemicals. These chemicals are in the food supply, in the soil, and in our bodies, even the cord blood of newborn infants.

The National Grocers Association naturally opposes any labeling of GM foods. One might assume it is because they have seen the results of test labeling on purchasing habits. Labels matter. Perhaps they know that consumers won’t buy GM foods if they have a choice.

The report includes findings from feeding studies showing intestinal damage in animals fed Bt corn and the potential links to food allergies.

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  1. Salvador Gordon September 13, 2013 at 12:08 pm #

    Thirty years ago my father brought me out to the sugar beet field to show me an ugly outgrowth on a sugar beet, and explained that it was cancer, a multiplication of cells. As intensive farmers we spread enormous quantities of artificial fertilisers, nitrogen, phosphorous, potassium, and sulphur to make everything grow a lot faster, a multiplication of cells. As dairy farmers we added acid to grass to make silage, used the chemicals ‘Gramoxone’ and ‘Roundup’ to ‘burn off’ all green growth prior to re-seeding.

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