Cucumber Radish Salad


This beautiful salad was created with the help of the Prepared Foods Manager at Whole Foods, Chris Paduk. I knew I wanted to make a salad with Romaine lettuce, cucumber and try out my new Cucumber Dill Dressing. I wasn’t sure what else to add. Thank you, Chris, for helping me build this one out. It was so delicious, my son said “If this is how I’m going to eat while you are being creative, then I’m all for it.” Of course, being creative has led to more than a few dinner fails. This one, I’m very proud of.  Give it a try. It is filling and delicious.


Romaine Lettuce
Radicchio Lettuce
Radishes, sliced
Cucumber, diced
Garbanzo Beans, soaked and sprouted

Cucumber Dill Dressing

1/4 cup coconut milk, full fat, organic
1/2 cup cashews, soaked
1 TB soaked Flaxseeds
6 TB fresh dill (3/4 oz.)
5 tsp.lemon juice, freshly squeezed
2 cups cucumber
salt and pepper to taste

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