I Don’t Have Time

Tired-Mom2It won’t take long for a new network marketer to hear the objection “I don’t have time”.  She’s shared with you that she is struggling financially and would like to earn some extra money to pay off bills or take a long-awaited family vacation, but she is so time-crunched, it’s tempting to accept the objection, walk away, perhaps think to yourself you’ll call later, when she isn’t so busy, in the future. You know this is a failure on your part because people who don’t have time for your business likely don’t have time for lots of other things they want to do in their lives.  What you have to offer, promises time-freedom like no other activity they’re probably doing.  If you fail to help them see how they can improve their lives, they will likely go on to lead a perpetually busy, but unfullfilled life…too busy to ever take that vacation or get ahead financially.

Using a tool from PM Marketing’s training, I came up with 20 Possible Solutions to the the problem of not having enough time.  Beginning with the Question “How do I find time when I have 3 jobs and 4 kids?”, I created these solutions.  Keep in mind, for this exercise to work, they don’t have to be practical, or easy.  They can seem un-doable, because whenever anything seems undoable, we know we can turn it into a question and find 20 Possible Solutions for how to do that as well.  It never ends.  Give it a try! You might think of 20 completely different solutions.

Problem: No time. I have 3 jobs and 4 kids!

Question: How do I find time when I have 3 jobs and 4 kids?

1. Talk to parents when you are at playgroup, or gymnastics, or baseball games.

2. download trainings and listen to them when you are driving kids from activity to activity.

3. Engage older children in helping you with the business so they learn and you are both working a family business and teaching your kids life skills

4. Find 3-4 people who could take off and let them spend the time building the business.

5. Put your contacts in front of Peter, Matthew, or me. Give referrals.

6. Listen to training while you are doing housework.

7. Organize a babysitting coop to free time for you and an inner circle of other busy moms to alternate working the business.

8. Talk to people during breaks at work.

9. Talk to other parents you know through your kids school.

10. Delegate home responsibilities to family members to free up time.

11. Agree to let the house get temporarily dirty while you build a business.

12. Reduce expenses in order to leave one job or cut hours.

13. Hire someone to help with household tasks.

14. Have a garage sale to build a financial runway to cut back on hours at work.

15. Find someone who will attend trainings and teach you.

16. Work in the business with the people you spend time with anyway so you can do both at the same time.

17. Make a time diary to find free time you may be missing.

18. Make simpler meals that take less time.

19. Use paper plates to save time cleaning dishes.

20. Make meals ahead to reduce time prepping meals.

20. Use a crockpot for make ahead meals or make soups to save preparation time in the evening.

21. Double meals and make calls while the family feasts on leftovers.

The solutions don’t have to immediately work for the exercise to be valuable.  With practice you will become solution-oriented whenever you are faced with a challenge and ideas will flow effortlessly.  Give this a try.  Make your own list.  Choose one of the items on the list and turn it into a question for tomorrow.  Use this approach to help you realize your own challenges don’t have to stop you and they don’t have to stop your prospect from changing his/her life.

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