How Do I Get Unstuck?

How-to-stop-procrastinatingIf you’re not utilizing Peter Mingil’s 20 Creative Possible Solutions Technique, start NOW!!! This is a skill that will reap incredible benefits over time, but you have to work at it in the beginning until you align your brain’s nervous system to see solutions rather than problems. Here’s today’s exercise.

Problem: I feel stuck. I’m in analysis paralysis.
Question: How do I get unstuck and get into action?

1. Pick up the phone and call a lead without attachment to an outcome. You are looking for a new friend.
2. Make a list of trainings you want to cover and check them off as you do them.
3. Find a friend or family member to work with… a running buddy. You support him/her, and he/she supports you.
4. Go to an outside office, Starbucks, or public library to get a task done. Sometimes, the change of venue will help.
5. Put a notebook by your bed and write down every reservation or fear you have that could be stopping you.
6. Use the 20 Creative Possible Solutions technique on every fear, concern or reservation you listed in #5.
7. Call an experienced colleague and schedule a team call. Alternate speaking to leads, your experienced colleaque can speak to the first live answer and you speak to the next live answer.
8. Get 20 minutes of aerobic exercise.
9. Empower your hormones by assuming superman or wonder woman pose. Trust me, it works!!! Watch this TED talk on how body language shapes who you are.
10. Deep breathe to get oxygen to your brain.
11. Make a list of activities you promise to do ahead of time and keep your promises.
12. Find books about successful people and start the day with 15-30 minutes of power-reading!
13. Load your phone with motivational podcasts to refuel your brain.
14. Call a family member to practice your interviewing techniques on.
15. Call friends and ask them if you can practice on them — ask them to give you objections you have to answer (I don’t have time, I don’t have money, Is this a pyramid scheme?)
16. Make a video or phone recording of yourself doing a practice interview and review the recording. (Or have a colleague review the recording.)
17. Revisit why you are doing the business and remember why always comes before how.
18. Listen to Peter’s recorded prospecting calls and practice repeating his responses to questions and concerns.
19. Reward yourself for any business activity, even baby steps.
20. Practice in front of the mirror.

These are my 20 Creative Possible Solutions to overcoming procrastination. What are yours?


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