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All Disease is Cell Disease

The body has the innate ability to heal. You see this easily when you get a cut and the skin repairs itself. There is nothing you can do to heal that cut but protect it, provide it with the necessary building blocks and wait. So, what is causing degenerative disease? What is preventing your body from healing itself? Today's interview with Pharmacist Ben Fuchs is on the power of nutrition in health and wellness without the use of prescription medicine. Watch Ben explain that degeneration is [Read more]

Vitamin K

"Dr. Bruce Ames, a biochemist who studies nutrition at the cellular level, provides evidence that illustrates how an individual is much more likely to have more rapid aging and the development of cancer with inadequate vitamin and mineral levels, even if she or he is okay short term. (Page 35 The Wahls Protocol) Vitamin K and Heart Health: "For example, when the supply of vitamin K is limited, your body will prioritize how to use the limited supply. It will make proteins that will clot your [Read more]

Testimonials from An Oasis of Healing

View this series of testimonials from cancer patients who have healed their cancer naturally at the Oasis of healing. The stories are compelling.

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What The Drug Companies Won’t Tell You

Dr. Murray highlights the not-so-hidden agenda of the drug companies and provides information that your doctor doesn’t know about popular drugs and natural products. Discover how natural products can help you improve bone health, hormone balance, mood, heart health and cholesterol, hair, skin and nails, blood sugar levels and weight management for a longer, healthier life.

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Mark Hyman at TEDMED

Dr. Mark Hyman believes that functional medicine is the way of the future, and that we can only improve medicine if we understand the body’s system, not just symptoms.

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6 Reasons You Should Avoid Dairy

Got milk? Plenty of people think its perfectly healthy to drink, and advertisements would have you eating dairy all the time. But it may not be as healthy as you think. In this weeks UltraWellness blog Dr. Mark Hyman gives six reasons you should avoid milk and explains why it may be at the very root of your health problems.

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The Perils of Dairy

John McDougall MD discusses what dairy products have going for them. They are a great source of nutrition — for getting fat and growing tumors!

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Vitamin C for Heavy Metal Detox

Dr. Russell Jaffe discusses using Vitamin C for heavy metal detox IAOMT 2008

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Safe Detox Methods

Russell Jaffe, MD, PhD discusses safe detox methods IAOMT 2010

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New Methods of Mercury Testing and Detox

Dr. Chris Shade on New Methods of Mercury Testing and Detox IAOMT 2009

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