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Primitive Nutrition 1

Watch this series to learn the arguments against the high meat intake recommended by Paleo Enthusiasts. Paleo cookbooks have been a great source of grain-free, dairy-free, and soy-free recipes, however, it's just unwise to ignore the health risks of excessive meat consumption. A healthier approach would be to use meat sparingly with the understanding that a diet that is meat-based is not health-promoting. Plants first, meat as a condiment. [Read more]
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Minding Your Mitochondria

For 7 years, Dr. Terry Wahls got the best care and the newest drugs to treat her MS but she continued to get more disabled. She could only walk short distances using two canes. She was losing her keys, her phones, and having nightmares that her clinical privileges at the hospital where she worked would be taken away. Then she learned how to properly fuel her body. After 3 months of eating her new diet, she was able to walk short distances with only a cane. After 4 months, she no longer needed [Read more]
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