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Dairy: Essential Nutrition or Health Saboteur?

A presentation by Joseph Keon, Ph.D. North Americans are some of the least healthy people on Earth today, and much of the problem stems from poor dietary choices inspired by nutritional myths. Perhaps the biggest nutritional myth of all is that which says humans need the milk of a cow to be healthy. Joseph Keon, author of Whitewash: The Disturbing Truth about Cow's Milk and Your Health, will show how North Americans unwittingly sabotage their health every day by drinking milk, how our obsession [Read more]
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Matthew’s Weight Loss

My weight gain began around 11 years of age. Before then, I was naturally active, as most boys are, but I was limited by lack of opportunity to exercise.  We lived in a suburb that was not interesting to explore, and around neighborhood kids who rarely came outside, preferring to stay indoors and play computer games. I didn’t want to play outside alone. Who would? By age 13, the scale topped 183#.  I was embarrassed  to wear a swimsuit at the public pool. My stomach hung down over my waistband [Read more]
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