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Help! I’m Not Getting Any Help Around the House!

Whenever you are learning a new skill, it pays to practice that skill often. Laurence Cosse wrote in A Novel Bookstore “There is nothing more difficult to master than repetition. If you do it badly, it's clumsy, stupid. When it's well done, it's like a little echo, like waves, poetry itself.” Successful networkers agree that success depends on getting very good at a few skills. Of course, it looks overwelming to a new distributor, but with commitment to mastery, anyone can learn the art of sales [Read more]

How Do I Get Unstuck?

If you're not utilizing Peter Mingil's 20 Creative Possible Solutions Technique, start NOW!!! This is a skill that will reap incredible benefits over time, but you have to work at it in the beginning until you align your brain's nervous system to see solutions rather than problems. Here's today's exercise. Problem: I feel stuck. I'm in analysis paralysis. Question: How do I get unstuck and get into action? 1. Pick up the phone and call a lead without attachment to an outcome. You are looking [Read more]

I Don’t Have Time

It won't take long for a new network marketer to hear the objection "I don't have time".  She's shared with you that she is struggling financially and would like to earn some extra money to pay off bills or take a long-awaited family vacation, but she is so time-crunched, it's tempting to accept the objection, walk away, perhaps think to yourself you'll call later, when she isn't so busy, in the future. You know this is a failure on your part because people who don't have time for your business [Read more]

Be Successful Building Your Network Marketing Business by Following These Simple Steps

1.  Make a Schedule and Stick To It!! It may sound appealing to imagine throwing out the alarm clock and sleeping till noon, for the rest of your life...but you have a business to build.  In the beginning, especially, it is time discipline that will eventually lead to time freedom. So, determine when your work hours will be and resolve to stick to it.  Your income will reflect the degree to which you can maintain this discipline over time.  Make it your goal to build a residual income that not [Read more]