All Disease is Cell Disease

The body has the innate ability to heal. You see this easily when you get a cut and the skin repairs itself. There is nothing you can do to heal that cut but protect it, provide it with the necessary building blocks and wait. So, what is causing degenerative disease? What is preventing your body from healing itself?

Today’s interview with Pharmacist Ben Fuchs is on the power of nutrition in health and wellness without the use of prescription medicine.

Watch Ben explain that degeneration is caused by 3 things: toxicity, deficiency of oxygen, and nutritional deficiencies. The modern medical model has no effect on the body at the cellular level, because their treatments don’t address cellular starvation, suffication, and toxification. If a disease can’t be helped by the doctor, then we have to power to be healthy by making lifestyle changes. It doesn’t require expensive tests, doctor visits, or pharmaceutical drugs.

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