Matthew’s Weight Loss

Meet Matthew, a healthy, active, confident 14-year-old who overcame his weight problem at age 13, lost 43 pounds, and learned healthy eating skills that will serve him the rest of his life.  

My weight gain began around 11 years of age. Before then, I was naturally active, as most boys are, but I was limited by lack of opportunity to exercise.  We lived in a suburb that was not interesting to explore, and around neighborhood kids who rarely came outside, preferring to stay indoors and play computer games. I didn’t want to play outside alone. Who would?

By age 13, the scale topped 183#.  I was embarrassed  to wear a swimsuit at the public pool. My stomach hung down over my waistband and my chest was so fat, I had those decidedly unmasculine moobs even extra large t-shirts couldn’t conceal. A friend once called me “chunky”. I’ll never forget that term. “Chunky.”

I was most embarrassed around thin people. I felt self conscious. I withdrew, trying to stay invisible. I felt so inferior to these kids who didn’t have this problem. Why did my problem have to be so easy for everyone to see? Why couldn’t I have a problem that was easier to hide? I’m sure those other kids aren’t perfect. They just weren’t wearing their problem for all to see.

After one year of following the nutrition advice of, my weight has stabilized at 138#-140#.  I don’t diet. I eat foods that are good for me and I don’t eat foods that are bad for me.  I don’t count calories.  I am never hungry.  Mom would say I’m always hungry. But I can eat as much as I want and I eat a lot! I move constantly because I have so much energy.

I continue to eat salads 5-6 times a week as a meal, green smoothies almost every day, and green juices with dinner.  I am gluten-free and dairy-free. I love being slim, strong, and energetic. And most of all, I love how it feels to know I did it myself.

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